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SQL Server Mentoring

SQL Server Tips by Burleson Consulting

Maximizing knowledge transfer in SQL Server training

One of the greatest challenges for any SQL Server manager is maximizing the long-term learning from SQL Server training classes.

Vendor-based training and online training have a well documented history of poor knowledge retention, and most managers find that the customized on-site training provides the best knowledge transfer, especially when the instructor is available for follow-up mentoring.

Use It, or Lose It

Everyone knows that training without follow-up guarantees a rapid loss of knowledge.  It's the age-old "use it or lose it" conundrum, and the savvy IT manager must carefully schedule their on-site SQL Server training to coincide with the staff's need to apply their new knowledge.

Ensure your training success with SQL Server mentoring

Many managers find that the best training investment is a combination of formal training, followed-up by supplemental SQL Server mentoring.  In the ideal situation, the SQL Server instructor is available (by e-mail and telephone) to answer specific questions about the application of the SQL Server technology.  This is especially important for shops that are launching a large development project and shops that want training in advanced SQL Server technologies (RAC, SQL Server Streams, SQL Server Tuning).

Using your classroom instructor for supplemental mentoring ensures continuity with the course material and also improves productivity because the students has a one-step solution to any technical problem.

Supplemental SQL Server Mentoring Packages

Burleson Consulting commonly provides follow-up SQL Server mentoring for any shop that wants to  maximize the value of their SQL Server training budget.  Depending on your specific circumstances, you can engage your expert instructor for supplemental SQL Server mentoring and support for any period of time, thereby ensuring that your staff is successful.  It's like an insurance policy for your SQL Server training, and it allows your staff to develop their SQL Server systems under the supervision of a expert SQL Server mentor with a proven track record of success.  Best of all, you get world-class remote SQL Server support for only $175/hr.

With BC SQL Server mentoring packages you develop a personal relationship with your instructor and you can e-mail your instructor at any time, with guaranteed 24 hour response time.  Your instructor can also access your system remotely if you desire, to help guarantee that you don't have any time-consuming "snags" during your development effort.

Short-Term SQL Server mentoring package ($2k)

This mentoring package is ideal for small classes with experienced students.  You will have a pool of hours of SQL Server mentoring that you can use at any time in the future, and you can use these hours to have your instructor review your staff's work for quality assurance purposes.

Long-Term SQL Server mentoring package ($4k)

This package is ideal for managers whose staff will be working on a long-term project.  You get a pool of  hours of SQL Server mentoring where any of your staff has access to your instructor to answer any pressing questions and help solve technical problems.

If your goal is to maximize your SQL Server training value, using supplemental mentoring services is the smart way to ensure the maximum knowledge retention for your staff.




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