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  SQL Server Tips by Gama and Naughter


Global temporary tables


A global temporary table's name starts with ##, it is visible to all users and the server will delete it only after all users that referenced it close their connections. It is also stored in table sysobjects from database tempdb but its name has no extra characters.


Table variables


A table variable has the most limited scope of all temporary tables; it will be created, exist and be accessible only within a function, stored procedure, or batch where it was declared. It also cannot use the INSERT INTO {table variable} EXEC {stored procedure} and SELECT {fields} INTO {table variable}. Despite that, it has great advantages such as resulting in fewer recompilations of the stored procedures than using local or global temporary tables and require less locking and logging resources from the server. This table is stored in table sysobjects from database tempdb with a name like #33D4B598 or any other hexadecimal value created by the system.


There are a few examples with temporary tables in the Cursors section.

The above book excerpt is from:

Super SQL Server Systems
Turbocharge Database Performance with C++ External Procedures

ISBN: 0-9761573-2-2
Joseph Gama, P. J. Naughter


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