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  SQL Server Tips by Gama and Naughter

Prior Art

Filing for a patent is only acceptable for an invention that is new and not a simple copy or minor improvement over an invention previously created by someone else (prior art). In the United States the patent is granted to the first person responsible for the invention, while in Europe and most of the world, it is granted to the first person to file for a patent. Filing for a patent application must be done within one year after showing the idea on a printed publication, its use in public or selling products generated by the implementation of the idea. Otherwise the right is lost. The invention must be different from the most similar existing invention and the differences must be non obvious to a person having ordinary skill in the area of technology related to the invention.  

The valuable disclaimer 

It is common practice to add a disclaimer to software for three reasons:

     * To assert copyright.

     * To decline responsibility for any losses due to the use of the software.

     * To inform that, by accepting the license, the user agrees not to decompile or somehow reverse engineer the software. 

The third item is impossible to enforce because there is no way to monitor what a user might do with the software. Reverse engineering is illegal in some places, or under certain circumstances. Security professionals do it when they look for vulnerabilities and other professionals might do it to ensure compatibility, to understand how the application works or for some other legitimate reasons. Hackers also look for vulnerabilities and industrial spies try to learn from reverse engineering an application. A legal barrier will probably stop the honest competitors from digging out the key algorithms of an application and creating similar code. Obviously, it has no effect on people who will break the law to steal the code and then use the law to protect themselves because of the cost and difficulty of a legal dispute. In this case, it is a good idea to reinforce the legal protection with a technical one.

The above book excerpt is from:

Super SQL Server Systems
Turbocharge Database Performance with C++ External Procedures

ISBN: 0-9761573-2-2
Joseph Gama, P. J. Naughter


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