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  SQL Server Tips by Robin Schumacher

Examining Session Waits

Unfortunately, the SQL Server does not have as robust a session wait interface as SQL Server does; however, there are a few diagnostic metrics that can be utilized to get a feel for session wait activity. The master.dbo.sysprocesses table contains a row for every session connected to SQL Server. If a session is waiting for any reason, SQL Server will record the wait type and wait time in two of the columns in master.dbo.sysprocesses. While this helps diagnose an in-process wait, the drawback to this implementation is that when another wait for the session occurs, the wait information is overwritten, so in reality, there is no history from which to work.

The sesswait.sql query below will help the DBA get a handle on current session wait activity and will bubble to the top the processes with the highest percentage of overall wait time.

* sesswait.sql

-- Script is available in the Online Code Depot

In SQL Server 2005, the sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks dynamic management view can be utilized to get much of the same data; although as of this writing, it does not offer a set of information that is as complete.

The above book excerpt is from:

High-Performance SQL Server DBA
Tuning & Optimization Secrets

ISBN: 0-9761573-6-5
Robin Schumacher  


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