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SQL Server Database Administration
Training Class

A four-day on-site SQL Server DBA Training Course

2007-2010 by Burleson Consulting

This course is taught at your Company site with up to 20 students. 

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Key Features

* Learn SQL Server DBA Concepts.

* Understand SQL Server Installation & configuration

* Employ Network and file Administration.

* Use SQL Server Object Management.

* Understand SQL Server Object Administration.

* Learn SQL Server security and user management.


Course Description

The primary goal is this course is to prepare the students to administer complex SQL Server databases.  This SQL Server DBA course is an intensive 4-day course is designed to provide SQL Server professionals with an in-depth understanding of the DBA features of SQL Server and T-SQL syntax for the DBA.

Broad in scope, this course covers all of the SQL Server Database Administration topics including global tuning with SQL Server parameters, SGA instance management, file & tablespace management, user administration & security and table & index management.

exercises are used to demonstrate each SQL Server feature and the student will gain first-hand experience in the key SQL Server DBA concepts.

Don't get your SQL Server training from a beginner.  Use a seasoned professional with extensive real-world experience.

Book Required


SQL Server 2005 Bible

Retail Price $49.99

Paul Nielsen

ISBN 0764542567


This SQL Server DBA Training is designed for the practicing Microsoft SQL Server professional but it is useful to anyone interested in learning SQL Server database administration.  This includes SQL Server developers, SQL Server DBAs, SQL Server web developers and any computer professional who needs to understand the architecture of an SQL Server database. 

The course assumes a basic knowledge of computer programming techniques, relational database concepts, SQL, and basic SQL Server architecture.

Curriculum Design

This SQL Server training was designed by experienced SQL Server database administrators with extensive real-world experience.

Learning Objectives:

The primary objective of this SQL Server DBA training is to provide each student with the knowledge and secrets to be successful as a practicing SQL Server DBA.  The student will gain confidence in their SQL Server DBA knowledge and learn the tricks and traps of the SQL Server OCP DBA exam.

Using a proven training combination of intense instruction and practicum the student should have a firm understanding of SQL Server Database Administration.  The student will successfully install and configure a working SQL Server database, create tablespaces and files, manage security and user access, and create tables and write SQL Server queries.

SQL Server Database Administration Training Class

SQL Server Certified Professional DBA Training Course
Copyright 2007-2011 by Burleson Consulting
The History of SQL Server and relational databases
  • Relational database history
  • The evolution of SQL Server
  • SQL Server and ANSI standards
Installing and configuring SQL Server
  • Pre-installation steps
  • Installing SQL Server
  • Configuring the run-time SQL Server system
  • Patching SQL Server - Service packs
SQL Server data storage management
  • SQL Server file management architecture
  • Creating database files
  • Creating SQL Server log files
  • Using SQL Server file groups

Managing data with the DTS utility

  • Using DTS to export and import SQL Server table data
SQL Server Security management
  • Windows security management for the server
  • Windows authentication mode
  • SQL Server rights and role management
SQL Server Backup & Recovery
  • Overview of SQL Server backup & recovery
  • Incremental backups
  • Restoring a SQL Server database
  • Standby database overview
  • Shipping SQL Server log files to standby databases

SQL Server database Replication

  • Microsoft replication architectures
  • Creating a replication topology
  • Configuring SQL Server replication
SQL Server Job scheduling
  • Common database scheduled jobs
  • Configuring SQLMail
  • Setting SQL Server and server alert thresholds
  • Creating customized error conditions
  • Scheduling multi-step job streams
VIII. Ratio Analysis - Techniques for quickly getting a bird's eye view of performance
Key performance ratios can quickly help a SQL Server DBA understand how well their overall system is performing. This chapter provides details on what ratios a DBA needs to monitor, along with recommendations for what to do when key performance metrics are out of line.
IX. PLM Steps 3 and 4 - Using History to Prepare for the Future
Many SQL Server DBAs work in a reactive mode, which means they do little to plan for the future needs of the databases they oversee. This chapter discusses the importance of historical trend analysis, what key metrics should be tracked, and how to use historical data to forecast future needs.
Performance Tuning for the SQL Server DBA
  • SQL Server monitoring for performance
  • SQL Server startup parameter tuning
  • T-SQL tuning
  • SQL tuning for SQL Server
  • Diagnosing storage and system problems
  • Diagnosing session and O/S issues




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